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2 Easy Last-Minute Gifts for Kids (inexpensive - and good for siblings too)

When money's tight, the holidays can really feel like we're stuck underwater and having a hard time coming up for air.  And when you feel obligated to buy things you can't afford for other people, you're paying for it for many months to come.

Let's all try to avoid that moving forward, shall we?  (A note to my former self)

2 easy #last_minute gifts for kids (inexpensive, and good for siblings too!) | from zenshmen! | #christmas #giftidea #kids

Last year, I came up with a way to make DIY gifts for kids.  And what's even better, they were gifts that two siblings could share.  With 17 kids ranging from age 1 to 9 in our immediate family and friends, we needed all the help we could get in the clever idea department.

To me, anything that stimulates the imagination is a gift that keeps on giving.  Behold:


Two families we know had two very young boys.  I suspected they hadn't even begun getting into the dressing-up and pretending phase, so I put together these boxes of mixed dress-up items to get them started.

The items themselves aren't expensive, and that isn't the point.  Very young kids often lose and break things, so these items fit the bill just fine.  It's the fact that in one big box, a world of imagination awaits.

Some shoe stores will give away big empty boot boxes if you ask them nicely.  I also wrapped the box and its lid separately in nice charcoal grey paper, so it could stay out and be a bit less of an eyesore.  

We included a pirate set, a fireman set, funky sunglasses and animal hats.  Most items you see below come from Walmart or the dollar store.

Dress-up Time Starter Kit


Box and lid wrapped separately so mom and dad don't need to go buy another container!

The kids had a lot of fun with the dress-up items, and played with them often throughout the year!


Another two families had to young girls each, both under 5.

I raided the arts & crafts section at Walmart and bought a collection of goodies.  Sometimes I ditched the wrapping and split the goods between two boxes (i.e. in a pack of 6 funky-edged scissors) and other times I bought duplicates.

These boxes included foam shapes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, beads, letters, markers, scissors, glue and sparkles.

The box of crafts!

Another success!

The kids wanted to dive right in!

What are some life savers for you?  What kinds of simple gifts have gone over really well in the past? Please share.

Happy holidays!

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