Monday, February 4, 2013

Declutter Project: New in Town


This is the first post in a series of organizing and decluttering projects - we've been up to our eyeballs in other people's stuff lately!

Here, we helped a phenomenal blogger get her home office in order.  She had recently moved back to Canada from England and although her apartment was spotless, tidy and charming, behind her office door lurked a dark and looming secret:  piles and piles of unsorted stuff and half-unpacked boxes.


You see, the boxes had arrived several months after she was fully settled in to her new place, so the additional stuff was both overwhelming to tackle and a monumental headache.  Where on earth was it all going to go?  So the office door stayed closed.

Here's where I come in.

Together, we discussed what she wanted to accomplish in the space.  She had a clear idea of what she wanted, but no idea how (or enough energy) to get from here to there.

Our Goals:

1.  A well-lit area where she can take gorgeous food photos for her excellent blog and Facebook page, Lindsay's Kitchen Workshop.
2.  An area for a bookshelf and reference materials (but no reading nook was necessary).
3.  A desk and chair, to process paperwork.
4.  Better lighting and a bit more personality in the room.
5.  Unpack, sort and put away stuff that was shipped from abroad.

We rolled up the ol' sleeves and got to it.  Here's how we did it:

1.  Set up an area right outside the room with large bins assigned for elsewhere in the house.  As we unpacked, we tossed kitchen items into the kitchen bin, clothing and shoes into the bedroom bin, cosmetics and supplies into the bathroom bin, and so on.

Frames and photos went together for later sorting.  Ditto for all loose papers.

2.  We kept working our way through the boxes until there were none left.

3.  Boxes got folded up and put aside for recycling.

4.  Here, we piled the boxes of books and 8-10 single ones in the spot where the new bookcase will go.

5.  Every piece of loose paper in the room was corralled into this one bin.  Because there are time-sensitive details pertaining to moving from one country to another, a proper sit-down paper sorting session is in order.
From there, she can determine what needs to get done, what needs to get paid, and what needs to get filed away in a filing cabinet or filing boxes.  But for now, at least everything is in one place.

6.  We added some personality by hanging these two adorable bulldog drawings called Chloe and Max.

7.  In the back closet, we collected all her suitcases and travel paraphenalia because this blogger is jet set and needs quick access to her travel stuff!

By sundown, we had finished.  We rolled out a sisal carpet and proudly took in our handiwork.

Here are some before and after shots retracing the day's progress:

So, dear readers, are you inspired to tackle a dreaded decluttering and organizing project?  If you live in Montreal, I'd love to help!  Drop me a message in the comments below.

More of these stories will appear in the coming weeks.  Tell me, do you enjoy reading this kind of story?  Is this something we should be doing more of?

Till next time,



  1. THAK YOU!!!!This was so much fun, and what a huge relief.... !

    1. The pleasure was entirely mine! What would I ever do without you?


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