Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Counter Space

In our kitchen, counter space is prime real estate.  There's very little of it, and it's in high demand! 

To create more counter space, we decided to sacrifice some cupboard space by building a shelf for the microwave.

Want to know how we did it?  Check out the how-to below.


The starting point

We were willing to sacrifice this bottom shelf space!

Since the cupboard wasn't deep enough, we needed to build a deeper shelf.

We also took down a neon light and the lip under the cupboard


Here she is, just needs to be painted.

We converted the neon light's power source into a plug for the microwave.


a perfect fit!

Here it is, without the doors added yet

Lots more working space!  Oh, and the cupboards are painted white.

Here you can see the whole corner, with the lip removed from under the cupboards

Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference.  Since our house is from the 1950's, there was no original space for that strange machine from the future we call the microwave :)

If you'd like to see another story about how we made the kitchen feel bigger, check out How to Make the Kitchen (Seem) Larger.

And, if you're curious to see what our home looked like before we started our projects, have a gander at House Tour - Before.  Bit by bit, we're working our way throughout the house, so come back soon and check how we're doing!

Till next time,

Val xo


  1. Strange machine from the future!

    1. I know! They're probably terrible for us but oh how they make our lives easier. Sigh...


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