Monday, July 9, 2012

Redo Project: Baby Adirondack Chair

Hi friends!

We were recently approached to take on a redo project of a beat-up (and broken) wooden Adirondack chair.  Read on to learn how we did it and the happy result.

Repairing the chair

With its rusty nails sticking out and creaky structure, this kids' chair was an accident waiting to happen.

Before repainting, we took it apart and solidified the structure by adding wood glue at all the contact points, and then adding wood screws.  It's super solid now - it ain't going anywhere!

removing the original screws

adding wood glue

screwing it back together
sanding away the old and peeling paint

repaired, sanded and ready to paint!

Choosing the right color

The owner of the chair knew she wanted a vibrant and happy shade of green, like grass.  She had given us a patio cushion that she hoped the new green color could work with, but it didn't have to match.

Jungle Trail is an exact match...  but too matchy-matchy.

Mossy Green: pretty color, but kinda off.
Here she is: Shamrock from Behr.  vibrant, happy, and tonally it works with the cushion's green.

Back at home :)
We went with an outdoor paint-and-primer combo, which eliminates one or two coats (and lots of time) because the paint is actually sealing the wood and weatherproofing the color as it goes on.  

We chose a matte finish because the wood was aged and showed wear, and we didn't want to call attention to that with a glossy finish.

We used our spray gun attached to an air compressor, which makes a repainting job much easier than painting with brushes!

All in all it was good fun and the result was great.  Till next time, xo.

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