Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ugly-to-Nice: Everyday objects get a makeover

So I saw this hilarious post on Pinterest the other day, and it's SO true for me!

Here I want to share a slew of cast-away objects that have gotten a new lease on life with spray paint.

Hopefully some of these examples will inspire you to redo some tired objects you may have lying around (or if they're really ugly, packed up in boxes).  And you might even find inspiration in a handsomely-shaped but unsightly object you come across on your future travels.

Just remember, with enough spray paint, you can rule the world too.

Two-toned garage sale dresser becomes...

Cute Raspberry Pink Changing Table, with new knobs

* * * *

Tired old thrift-store side table becomes...

Attractive and fresh in white with a crystal knob

* * * *

$2 Faux-snakeskin carry box...
...For cassette tapes, no less!  Gets new lining...

...Gets spray-painted silver...

And becomes an adorable home for correspondence supplies!

 * * * *

There was something that caught me eye about this giraffe...
And no surprise, it's very pretty in white :)

  * * * * 

Kinda-cute but kinda-tacky angel...

Becomes part of a set of silver holiday-themed objects

 * * * *

Rickety bench gets taken apart and solidified...

And finds a new home in glossy Fire Engine Red!

* * * *

Tacky ho-hum birdcage...

Becomes Pottery-Barn-esque in white

 * * * *

Very pretty bedside tables...
Get kicked up a notch in a custom color to match the room!

* * * * 

Another thrift-store find that has nice-looking bones...

...gets a wowie makeover!

 For the full story on this red dresser, see Front Hall Dresser Redo!

* * * * 

This downright ugly chair...

Gets sprayed and reupholstered to become fit for a birthday girl!

For the full story on this chair redo, see Ugly-to-Nice: Boring Old Chair Gets a New Life!

Feeling inspired yet?   Our garage is full of projects-in-waiting, so there will be lots more of these to come!  Stay tuned!

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love the painted "objets d'art". Because I'm partial to white, I'm tempted to find three or fours and make a grouping!

    1. Thanks Shana! That's an excellent idea. There are so many things that look great in white - often nicer than the originals!


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