Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Dream Home... isn't really a home

So the movie The Holiday is awesome for so many reasons.

The cast in perfect, it's well written, the settings are beautiful, it's sweet and funny and touching and life-affirming.  And it ends just the way you want it to, which is extremely satisfying.

It's everything you want a movie to be, if you're a sappy romantic like me.

Never seen it?  Get thee to a movie store!  You'll love it!

But here's the kicker:  one of my very favorite parts of the movie is the California home of Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda Woods.  It.  Is.  Breathtaking.

I would literally pause the movie while watching to take in the home decor.  Remember this house?

As it turns out, while the outside is a real house in California, the inside is an elaborate movie set which apparently cost a million dollars to build!

I actually have the living room/entryway shot a screensaver...  to keep my design goals in view.

Front Gates...  Wait, is that seriously a lemon tree on the right?
So opulent...  with the grey floors, the archway, the beams, and the color scheme.  Each object here holds beauty.

The cream furniture, the chocolate curtains, the ample seating, the brightness...  aaahhhhh.
The Kitchen...
...The Gloriously Huge Kitchen.
The dining room -- Not sure we see it in the movie --  But check out the climbing vines outside the french doors.

The luxe bedroom (with those blackout drapes at the touch of a button)...  sigh..

Majestic Stairway - Grey floors, seagrass runner, awesome art.

Massive crystalline pool, Climbing vines, outdoor paradise.  Need I say more?

Ooooohhhh the soaker tub in the middle of the room.

Okay, this is just not fair.

Cozy reading nook in the bedroom.  Yes, please!

Even the hallway is gorgeous.  The beams!  The lanterns!  The oversize planters with pretty greenery!  The windows!  The grey floors!  The nice black piece!  Why??

Will we ever make it?  Can we transform this house to make it look like a movie set... Without the cool million?

You be the judge.

Click here to see our Before Photos, taken the day we got the keys to the front door. 


  1. That house is too good to be true....That being said, it doesn't look cozy to me....beautiful..yes...but cozy and
    Can't wait to read your progress on your dream house....

  2. Hi Terri, I agree, it's definitely lacking in family love and a little bit of happy chaos, which our house has in spades :) Although I think they wanted the house to reflect the character in the movie, so that's why it's lacking in warmth. But we're doing our best to make our home pretty, functional AND welcoming. Check back soon and let us know how we're doing!

  3. Val, this place is great, and it is SO you... funny how the little shack wacky cottage is so me.
    Love this post! Your place is shaping up nicely, I can see similarities in feel and vibe with the new renos!
    Keep it up! Love reading your stuff!

    1. Thanks Missie! And thanks also for all your awesome ideas and inspiration! xo


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